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If you're anything like me, life is crazily busy, and you find yourself making lists and taping tasks to the fridge, to try keep a handle on what's going on. Well you're going to love this super stylish acrylic task planner I developed, to showcase Scotch® Magic and Double Sided tapes! 

It's a simple concept - you just divide the planner into an urgent and not-so-urgent side, then use the tapes to attach task to the relevant section. As they become more urgent or are completed, you move them across or off accordingly.

Here's how I made it:

  • You'll need a sheet of acrylic or perspex. You can buy these ready cut from hardware stores or some art stores (I bought mine from Mitre 10).

  • I hung mine with nice strong bull dog clips (these ones are by Made of Tomorrow). If you cant find nice colours you could spray paint plain clips. And if they don't grip enough, then adding some super glue should do the trick. 

  • I used a permanent marker on mine (you could use a white board marker but it might rub off as you move the tasks around). Just be careful when you need to remove the permanent marker because lots of agents will damage the perspex. I found that writing over the permanent marker with whiteboard marker worked a treat to get it off (who would have thought?!).

Now check out the infographic below for the cool ways you can use Magic Tape and Double Sided Tape to attach tasks to the planner, or write up notes. It's all so easy and the effect looks so classy against the clear acrylic.

Infographic_DIY_Task_Planner_with_Scotch_Magic_and_Double_Sided_Tape_by_Clever_Poppy 1000x850.png

Click here to get a downloadable version of this project, easy peasy! 

If you'd like to grab the tapes (I totally recommend them, they are great quality), here are the links for NZ (here) and Aus (here).

I hope you love this project as much as I do, and find it a great way to keep on task : )

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