DIY - Herringbone Wall Effect

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This has to be one of the most effective DIY Projects I've done, I love it so much! It's all about using Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape to create a beautiful herringbone effect on a wall of your home. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is a great option if you aren't keen to use paint or other permanent materials. An added bonus is that you will able to remove it down the track when you feel like a change.


Let me show you how to do this project - believe me it's a lot easier than it looks!


  • Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape in your colour of choice. I purchased mine for our nursery from Warehouse Stationery, in a soft pink and white stripe. There are all sorts of colours available that you can tailor to suit other rooms such as a boys room, living room or office. I used 6 rolls for the wall.

  • Scotch® Scissors.



Prep your wall. Ours was painted wall paper, and not one I am particularly concerned with keeping pristine (we will most likely repaint it next year), so I just wiped it down with a warm cloth to remove any dust or grime. Then I waited for it to dry before I started taping. If you have a different treatment on your wall you might want to clean it and then test it with washi tape first, to check it sticks and doesn't tear off the surface when you try remove it after a few days.


Measure up where the vertical rows of tape will go. I simply started at the top left corner, and made a small pencil mark every 15 cm along, until l reached the other side of the wall. Then  I did the same again, starting at the bottom left side of the wall.



Stick the vertical rows of washi tape onto the wall. Starting on the top corner, get your roll of washi tape, cut it to a clean straight line, and stick it down by about an inch. Then pull it down and out from the wall (you only leave the inch stuck down at the top, don't stick down any more just yet). Pull it right down to the corresponding mark at the bottom of the wall, and stick an inch down at the bottom and cut it off. Then use your palm to smooth the tape up the whole way. You should get a pretty straight line doing it this way. If it does look like it's gone a bit sideways, just carefully pull it off and do it again so that you are happy.


Do this along all the measurements until you have completed the wall with vertical rows.


Now its time to do the diagonal lines. 

For each one, I cut the tape with a nice clean line on the angle I wanted, then stuck it to the right-hand side vertical line, and stretched it out to the left-hand side vertical line, and trimmed it off tidily. The vertical and diagonal tapes do end up overlapping a bit, but I don't find this noticeable. 


I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to DIY projects, I'm more of a 'step back and take it in' kind of girl, and it looks fantastic that way! So all I did was tape down a whole lot of diagonal lines between two rows (pretty much up as high as I could reach standing), trying to keep them all a similar angle and distance apart. Then I would step back and re-stick any I thought needed to be angled a bit better. Then I would move on to the next section.


If you look closely, they are all slightly different angles and spacing, but overall the effect is awesome. So go for it, don't be too picky, and the end result will be fantastic!

Now that your wall is done, you can style the room and enjoy the beautiful piece of wall art you've created! Hopefully you've loved this project as much as I do.  I would love to see pictures of your creations, so please share with me on instagram, facebook or email. 

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And check out this video here of the project: