DIY - Gift Wrapping - Snowy Mountains + FREE Xmas Gift Tags by Maiko Nagao!


If you are anything like me you take great pride and joy in wrapping your christmas gifts. I find that the anticipation of seeing lovely gifts under the tree in the lead up to christmas, and watching the happiness on people's faces as they oooh and aaaah over a gift they are about to open is half the fun! 

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I'm very excited to share this gorgeous little Christmas collaboration I've done with the super talented Maiko Nagao, featuring her stylish Xmas gift tags and my snowy mountain DIY gift wrap technique. Read on to learn the steps to make the mountains and find the link to download these lovely monochrome gift tags. 

You will need:

  • The Maiko Nagao Xmas Gift Tags (link at bottom of page)

  • Wrapping Paper - kraft or white looks great

  • Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape - I use this so that the tape blends in almost completely with the paper

  • Scotch® Double Sided Tape - you can buy this from Warehouse Stationery, it's easy to use because you don't have to peel off a backing paper

  • Glitter - I got a multipack from the warehouse that included white and silver

  • Scissors

  • String or ribbon - I used butchers twine which you can buy from party supply stores

  • Sprigs of flowers of leaves - I used gypsophila which has a lovely Christmas feel to it

  • hole punch (or use scissors)



Wrap your present with the paper and gift wrap tape.


Choose the area(s) you want to cover with mountains, then use the double sided tape to create a mountain design on the side. I did the outline first, then cut a small piece and turned on an angle to create the top point. Then fill in the space with tape too.



Dust glitter over the taped mountains. I did white at the top and silver at the bottom. Once you have a good covering press the glitter in with your finger. Then shake off the excess.



Once you've finished the mountains, wrap some twine around the parcel and tie in a knot at the top. Cut out your Xmas Gift Tags and hole punch the top, then secure at the top with the string and finish off with a bow. The finishing touch is a sprig of flowers. 

And there you go, you're gift has been wrapped with love in a beautiful way!

TO DOWNLOAD THE GIFT TAGS click here and you'll be taken to the download page on Maiko Nagao's website.

I hope you've enjoyed this. Maiko and I would love to see your wrapping creations so please do share with us by email or on instagram or facebook.

Merry Christmas!

Julie xx

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