DIY - Decorative Orbs


If you are looking for a creative project that is crazily easy, cost effective, and creates a gorgeous piece of home decor for a bedroom or party, then look no further! These decorative hanging orbs, made with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, are just the ticket, and I'm going to tell you all about how to make them! Here we go...



  • Post-It® Super Sticky Notes - I did mine in a combination of colours from the Bora Bora Collection and the Bali Collection, which I purchased from Warehouse Stationery.

  • Polystyrene Orbs - I used ones which were about 15 - 25cm wide in size. You can purchase these from craft emporiums or try Spotlight.

  • Clear fishing line

  • Masking tape - I used Scotch Expressions Masking Tape

  • Thumb Tacks

  • Sharp scissors

  • A bowl



Pop your polystyrene orb into the bowl - this just keeps it steady and stops it rolling around. Now wrap and secure the fishing line around it, so that you have the hanging mechanism ready. I used tape to secure it to the orb, and did a loop around each opposite side. Then I tied it up at the top so you have a long piece of clear fishing line to hang the orb from. 



Add some curve to your Post-it Notes. Simply grab the stack of colours you like, and break them into manageable sections. Then use your scissors to cut away a curved shape at the bottom. 



First of all, turn your ball over so that its upside down in the bowl. Then stick on four curved notes, facing each other to make a square shape (so the curved sides are all facing in).


Keep adding the curved notes in layers until you get about half way up the orb. Make sure you are keeping an eye on where the top and bottom is, so you can keep the rows relatively straight. 


Then flip the orb around so that it's right-side up in the bowl. This means that the bottom layers of notes will be resting in the bowl, but just be gentle and they'll be fine.


Now continue layering the curved notes around the orb, until you get to the top. At the top, pop a thumb tack in the four top notes to help secure them down. When I hung mine they are so high you don't see these thumb-tacks - but if you are hanging yours lower you might want to find some smaller clear tacks. 


And that's it, your orb is now ready to hang! I made three different colour orbs with the beautiful colours in the Post-it Super Sticky Notes range. I hung mine in the nursery, but they'd also be great as party decorations or even in your living area in more neutral tones. 

I hope you had fun learning about how to make this project, and I'd absolutely love to see pictures if you make your own! 

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Be sure to check out the video below on this project too.

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