DIY - Hanging Leather Planter


Leather is such a beautiful material to work with, and combining it with plants is a wonderful way to add life and energy to a room. With this blog I'll show you how to make a simple leather hanging planter, which you can tailor to suit any room of your home. 



  • Leather straps: 

    • I used 2 x 120cm straps, and 1 x 12cm strap. Each strap is 22mm wide x 3mm thick.

    • I used a 15cm round pot, so depending on the size of your pot, you may need bigger or smaller straps.

    • I purchased mine from Lapco For Leather ( - I found these straps in a bargain bin, but they have other leather straps available (just depends what's in stock on the day).

    • You could also cut your own leather straps from a flat piece. 

  • Metal Ring: Mine is a 38mm curtain ring from Mitre 10 Mega (you'll likely find one at any hardware store). 

  • Planter Pot: I used a light plastic pot from Bunnings that is 15cm round.

  • Nuts and Bolts: The size you need will really depend on the size leather you buy as well as the size and weight of the planter pot. Here's what I used for mine, based on a light 15cm round pot and leather straps which are 3mm thick:

    • 2 x small ones, which are 10mm Button Head Socket Screws in Black. These are from The Bolt Shop in Auckland ( and the code is 'BHCM04010'

    • 1 x bigger version, which is a 20mm Button Head Socket Screw in Black (also from The Bolt Shop) with code 'BHCM04020'

    • 3 x nuts to fit (also from The Bolt Shop, Hex Full Nuts with code 'NM04Z')

    • I used plain nuts and bolts which are relatively small and discreet - but if you have a heavier or larger piece you will most likely need bigger nuts and bolts with the addition of washers (this makes it stronger).

    • If you use different spec supplies to me, I'd take in your leather and proposed planter pot and ask the staff at the hardware store what they recommend.

    • You may need to shop around for screws that aren't too long, or you can trim the ends with a hacksaw

  • Leather Hole Punch: Mine is a revolving one from Mitre 10 Mega - most hardware supply stores will stock these. Alternatively you can try drilling suitable size holes in the leather with a hand drill



Take your long leather straps and measure half way along each (60cm) and make a small mark in pen in the middle of the strap. Then overlap them in the middle to make a cross shape. 


Use your hole punch to make a hole (make sure it's big enough to fit your screws), and secure them together with a small nut and bolt (make sure the bolt is on the inside)



Make a hole at the end of each strap, so they are ready to join at the top. Just use a pen to mark the holes about 1 cm from the end and in the middle of the strap, then punch the holes through.



Make the 'Loop Hanger' which you'll hang the planter from at the top. Get the 15cm piece of leather, and make a hole at each end (about 1cm from each end, in the middle of the strap). Hole punch these and slide the ring over the piece of leather. 

Then create a loop so that the nice leather side is on the outside and use the second small nut and bolt to screw it together (so that the nut is on the inside).


The final step is to join the hanger together. First, take the 'Loop Hanger' you just made, and thread two ends of the planter through it. 


Then join up the four loose ends of the hanger, and line them up on top of each other so that the leather side is facing up (it doesn't matter what order you do this in).  Use the longer screw to join these together, making sure the nut is on the underside.


Lastly, pull the Hanger Loop up over the top join, and stretch the hanger out so that you can pop the pot in the bottom hammock of the hanger. And then you are ready to put this on display!



  • I used a light plastic pot and faux plant, but I found it needed a bit more weight to hang nicely - so I popped in a couple of ceramic bowls to weigh it down and straighten out the leather

  • Mine is a faux plant but a real plant will look amazing too!

  • I like the hanging foliage look at the moment, but this project would work with any style plant

  • Different colour leathers and pots would suit depending on your style and the type of room it will be displayed in. I'd love to do one now in light tan leather with a white planter pot - or monochrome black and white!

this is the alt text

I hope you enjoyed this project, and I would love to see pictures of your planter once you've made it!