DIY Painted Pastel Pumpkins


I have been wanting to take on a painted pumpkins project for so long…and now I have, and I am LOVING the result! I turned it into a fun activity to do with the kids these school holidays, so it was great all round. Read on to hear more about how to make your own painted pumpkins…

In general, I’m not massively into halloween and all the commercial, cheesy and throw-away props that go with it. But I’m all for embracing it, when you can repurpose things you have around the home, and get the kids involved in the fun of course!


If you know me, you’ll know I’m all about colour, and how it can totally transform a project. So I thought this would be a great way to get some use out of the beautiful coloured Dulux test pots I had at home.

You’ll see I tried a few different techniques for decorating the pumpkins - glitter and designs with paint pens. I can’t decide which is my favourite, I love them both.



  • Dulux Test Pots: I had 6 colours, and it was more than enough for over a dozen big pumpkins. These are the colours I used:

    • Waiomio Half

    • Gordonton

    • Mercury Bay

    • Ngongotaha

    • Woods Creek

    • Tokerau Beach

  • Paint brushes - You will need something reasonably wide like a house painting brush (not just artists painting brushes)

  • Pumpkins - I did a mixture of normal pumpkins and squash

  • A drop sheet

  • Optional decorating tools:


Step One

First of all, clean your pumpkins to wash off any dirt. Then wait until they are fully dry.


Step Two

I laid out a couple of decent size drop cloths on the lawn. I figured at least we could mow down any paint splatters on the grass later! We put painting smocks on all the kids, then gave them each a test pot and paint brush.

Then we let them go for it, painting one pumpkin at a time. At first, the kids were a bit uncoordinated with the brushes but they got the hang of it before long. They managed to cover each of the pumpkins with paint, and I did a touch up at the end to even up the coverage and get any missed spots. The only tricky part was all the paint pooling in the top of the pumpkins (which the kids actually thought was fun!). I just pushed the paint out with brush strokes.


Step Four

When the paint was still a bit wet, I sprinkled glitter over the tops of some of the pumpkins, which looked super cute!


Step Five

Once the pumpkins had dried, I did some decorating, to add more interest and sparkle.

First, I added PVA Glue to the centre of some pumpkins, and also did lines of glue down the creases in the pumpkin skins. Then I sprinkled glitter all over the glued areas. For some pumpkins, I just covered the top stem in glue and then covered it with glitter.

White glitter definitely didn’t pop as much as the gold.

White glitter definitely didn’t pop as much as the gold.

Another style I tried was painting designs on the pumpkins with paint pens. This was definitely a bit more time consuming, and you have to be careful not to press too hard and rip off the paint. I did floral style designs, and I think they turned out they turned out so lovely!


And that’s all there was to it! I’d love to see your creations if you do your own painted pumpkoins. I think they’d look so amazing piled up by the front door. And more vibrant colours would also look so great!

Enjoy xx

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