DIY Paper Leaf Mobile


I’m always intrigued by the beautiful things that can be made out of paper. There’s something about folding and intricately crafting paper creations that is so pretty. So I’m really excited about this new paper crafted mobile I’m sharing with you!

For this project, I really wanted to create a baby mobile using paper, that looked gorgeous and whimsical and stylish. But I also wanted to make sure anyone could do it, without needing special cutting machines or tools. And I’m so pleased to say that although this leafy number looks quite complex and intricate, it’s actually quite achievable (not a whole lot of technical skill is required). Now we’re talking!


And doesn’t it look amazing? I love how it incorporates a fresh, natural look with all the leaves. Which is so on-trend and stylish, especially when you are bringing touches of foliage and greenery into a nursery.


So let’s get into the making side of things…


  • Coloured Card - I used 160gsm Trophee card in Forest Green and Green, with a touch of Cream and Pink

  • Sharp scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Fishing Line

  • Hoop - the macrame hoop set works well, just use the larger hoop

  • Rope or String - I used the Macrame 3mm string

 You can get all of these supplies from your local Warehouse Stationery and The Warehouse. They have lots of beautiful coloured cards, so you can tailor the colour palette to suit your room if you wish.

Step One

Cut out a whole lot of leaves from your coloured card. I cut them out as simple curved shapes straight from the card (I didn’t bother drawing them onto the card first). It depends on how detailed you want your mobile to be, but my mobile has 8 strands, each with about 12 leaves on it. Each leaf is a pair with a front and back, so that means I cut out about 200 leaves total.


Step Two

Match the leaves into pairs of the same colour and similar size, and fold them together to create a crease down the middle.


Step Three

Cut lengths of fishing line about 60cm long, and glue leaves to each strand. I used the hot glue gun, and glued each pair of leaves together on the fishing line, so the leaf was on a bit of an angle (and the fishing line was sandwiched in between). I graduated the colour from dark green at the bottom to light green at the top. Then I added in a few touches of pink and cream leaves (not too much, just a few leaves to lighten it up).

Make sure you leave clear space on the fishing line near the top and to tie it off.


Step Four

Make the hanger by tying a piece of string to the hoop at both ends. Then do the same with another piece, on the right angle. This gives you four strands which are attached to the hoop and intersect at the top. Grab another long piece of string and tie that to the centre where they intersect, and this will reach up to tie to your ceiling hook. Use a dot from the hot glue gun to keep each string evenly placed on the hoop, then adjust the strings until it hangs straight.

Step Five

I found it easier to add the leaves with the mobile already hanging in place in the room. So get your hoop hanger and hang it in place from the ceiling. Then tie on each of the fishing line strands of leaves. Adjust the lengths so that they are a bit varied. I also used a dot from the hot glue gun to keep these in place on the hoop. Snip off any loose ends and you’re done!  


What do you think? I just love the end result, and how detailed it looks. You can totally adapt yours to suit the colours of the room, and make it as long as you want.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, and even better, have a go at making one of these for your own home! I’d love to hear how you go, so please share your creations with me.

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