DIY - Rainbow Art

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It’s no secret that rainbows are a huge thing right now in terms of home décor. It’s not surprising, given how a rainbow instantly conjures happy thoughts (you know it’s true!). 

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I have wholly embraced this trend, and have been slowly adding touches of this whimsical look to our home, mainly in the kids room, but also in our living area. I started with some art prints, then made a big gorgeous DIY Rainbow Weave.  

I adore the look that showcases rainbows in a more neutral or natural colour palette. Don’t get me wrong, my kids have loads of bright colours in their life, but in this instance I really love the vibe a softly-toned rainbow gives. Still oh so’ happy and cute, but a bit more timeless and stylish. 

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Which brings me to this project, where I want to give you an easy, affordable and gorgeous way to add some beautiful rainbow décor to your own home! I’ve teamed up with Warehouse Stationery, to create these DIY painted canvases. Anyone can do this project at home (you don’t need any painting skills), and be assured of a beautiful outcome.

Read on to learn how to recreate the look…

You will need:

  • DAS Exhibition Canvases

  • Tubes of Reeves Acrylic Paints (the Intro Acrylic range work well). 

  • a tube of Reeves Coarse Texture Gel

  • a set of Reeves Acrylic Short Handle Brushes 

  • a paint tray

  • You may also want to use a ruler and protractor as guides.

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Step One: Mix up the colours for your background. I mainly used Pink and Yellow Ochre for the backgrounds, and mixed each with lots of white to create a nice light colour palette. 

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Step Two: Paint a coat all over each canvas, including the sides. Leave these out to dry overnight.

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Step Three: Mix up the paints for your rainbows. I chose darker colours than the backgrounds (Peach, Burnt Sienne, Yellow Ochre), and mixed each with some Coarse Texture Gel. This creates an interesting grainy effect. 

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Step Four: Paint on your designs. Start with some rainbows, using a protractor to help with the first arc, and following that curve for the other arcs. 

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These look great in a gallery-wall display, paired with other simple geometric designs. So try painting some canvases with combinations of lines, arcs, circles and blocks of colour.

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Leave your finished canvases to dry for another night, then they will be ready to display. I love how they look as groups of three or more. But they also look great as a single statement piece.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and feel inspired to add a burst of happiness to your home!

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