DIY - Feather and Wooden Bead Wall Hanging


I have been keen to make a beautifully simple wall hanging for some time now, and recently finding out that we are having a baby girl in June gave me the perfect opportunity to whip one up!


I also have been eyeing up the gorgeous range of Scotch Expressions tapes, and mulling over what type of DIY project I could incorporate them into (so many options!). So I decided creating cute little feathers out of washi tape was a perfect way to give the wall hanging some personality. 

In terms of the overall look and design of this project, I love the idea of a dream catcher and have seen lots of lovely ones lately, but my style is suited to something a bit less boho and a bit more simple / scandi style. So I wanted to create a wall hanging that had a bit of a reference to a dream catcher, but has more of a simplified and timeless look.


I am loving what I've created, and it's super easy to do yourself. You can buy all the supplies for less than $ here we go!

Below are the full instructions, but first check out this fast vid of the project! 

For this project you will need:

  • Tape - I used washi tape from the Scotch Expressions range. They have sooooo many lovely colours and patterns to choose from, and you can pick them up from Warehouse Stationery for just $4.50 each. The Scotch Expressions masking tape styles would also suit this project.

  • A round hoop with white paint and a brush - I bought my hoop from Spotlight for $4.99 - its a '150mm rattan cane ring' which I painted white with a resene test pot

  • Toothpicks

  • Thread - I used a spool of white embroidery thread ($1.29 from Spotlight)

  • Wooden Beads - I used 27 beads (11 or 12mm) which I had in stock. If you want to buy some then these website have them locally for under $5 per set: or

  • Scissors



Get all your materials ready on a work surface. First we will paint the rattan hoop white. Simply lay the hoop flat and paint one side at a time, letting the paint dry in between. I found 2 coats did the trick.



  1. Roll out a small amount of tape, and place a toothpick along one side. Then cut a piece of thread (about 40cm) and lay that alongside the toothpick, with the thread sticking out the top.

  2. Fold the washi tape up so that the 2 sides stick together and enclose the toothpick and thread inside, then cut it off.

  3. Lay a second piece of tape on the other side, so that the two pieces of tape overlap slightly and the toothpick is still lying down the middle.

  4. Fold the washi tape up and stick it together so that the toothpick and thread remain in the middle, and cut off this piece too. 

DIY_Washi_and_Wooden_Bead_Wall_Hanging_Feathers copy.jpg

Now all you need to do is use your scissors to turn this into a feather shape. I angled the top and bottom first. Then I cut small nicks out of both sides, angling down away from where the thread comes out of the top of the feather.

Repeat to make nine feathers.



All you need to do is thread 3 beads onto the end of each feather. Then loop the thread back inside and around the top bead, to lock them into place.



Now you need to tie each feather onto the hoop, to create the wall hanging. I started with the middle one, and made this as long as I wanted. Just tie it off with a double knot and trim the ends close to the hoop.

Then I added a feather to each side, and so on until all nine were attached. I gradually made each set of feathers shorter, creating the gradient I desired. I wasn't too concerned about making mine symmetical (I'm more of a stand back and take it in from a distance kinda gal) but you can be as measured and careful as you like.

The rattan hoop is quite textured so each thread should stay in place quite easily. If you want to secure them you could try a hot glue gun at the back, or even use blue tack at the back.


And now you are all done! You've made a gorgeous wall hanging which will suit all sorts of settings - I would happily hang mine in our lounge but I think I'll be putting it up in baby girl's room.

This wall hanging would work with any of the Scotch Expressions tapes. They have a lovely selection of patterns - glitter tapes, geometric patterns or block colours would all look great. I think a monochrome one with black feathers would be quite stunning!

I hope you enjoyed this project, and I'd love to see your creations!


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