DIY - Geometric Decorations, perfect for Christmas!


These geometric decorations, made with Scotch® Expressions Glitter tape, are such a stunning and effective DIY project! They will add a touch of sparkle and wow factor to any christmas setting, and you'll have a great time making them as well. 

I chose a soft and muted scandi style colour palette to suit my home, but you can also go with bright and colourful glitter tapes for a fun look, or green, gold and red for a traditional look. This project would also work really well with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape - you can choose any designs you love for a completely different look. 


Here's what you will need:

  • Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape. I used Silver, Gold, Platinum and Multi Coloured

  • Scotch® Scissors

  • Double Sided Tape - make sure you get one that is nice and strong and that has a backing paper on one side

  • Needle and thread

  • Print outs of the template for the geometric shapes. Print it out here.



Choose a template and turn it over so that the printed side is face down. You'll be able to see the print faintly through the paper, so use this guide to lay glitter tape over the whole shape. Lay the tape in straight lines so that it covers from edge to edge (try not to have joins along the rows as these may open up later on). You don't need to cover the tabs on the shape but it's fine if you do.

Once the shape is all covered, press the tape down firmly.



Turn over the template (so that the glitter side is facing down) and cut it out. Then fold all of the edges inwards.



Attach the double sided tape to the tabs on the template. This needs to go on the side that has the glitter, so use the folds as a guide. Trim the double sided tape to match the tab shape and then press it firmly down.



Now it's time to stick the template into a 3D shape. Have a practice at sticking it together before you remove the tape's backing paper, so that you can envisage how it will look. Then one tab at a time, remove the backing paper and stick the tab to the underside of the corresponding join.


When you get to the last tab, you might have to wriggle it a bit to get it under the edge. Once they are all done, go around the shape and press all the joins together. You can pinch along the edges if you need to, it should spring back into shape. 



Use your needle and thread to run some thread through the top point of the decoration. Tie a loop in the thread (you'll use this to hang the decorations with).


Now you've made your first geometric glitter decoration! Make as many as you want, using the four different templates you've downloaded and printed. And then have fun decorating with your beautiful new creations!

If you want to hang them on gorgeous scandi style trees like I have in these pictures, then check out Warehouse Stationery (, that's where I got these cool light up trees from.

For easy reference I have also loaded a downloadable pdf with these instructions, which you can check out here.

I would love to see pics of your finished decorations, so be sure to share them and tag me on instagram or facebook, or pop them in an email to me.


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