Harvey's Toddler Room Makeover


I'm so excited to share this room with you! It has been really nice working on something a bit boyish, after all the time I spend fluffing around in Piper's nursery.


I had two key factors in mind when I styled Harvey's room makeover:

    1. I really wanted to create a room for Harvey that was super cute and fun for him to hang out in, but that wasn't cheesy or predictable. In other words a stylish toddler room that we would both love. I also thought it was probably my last chance before he demanded a cartoon or dinosaur themed room!

    2. I wanted to incorporate a nautical theme, for our boat and fishing obsessed two year old (like father like son!).


My starting point for this room was one of Harvey's christmas presents - the Viking Boy by Unclebearskin Productions. I fell in love with the style of the book, and how the illustrations are full of texture, depth and emotion. It tells a thought provoking story about helping us all to reconnect to our ocean planet and the importance it plays in our lives and those of future generations. It's the type of book you want to keep in the family for generations as a treasured hand me down. 


So I used the book as my inspiration for the overall look and style of the room. Once this was decided, it all came together quite easily. Here's some of the key factors I kept in mind:

  • Neutral basics: Harvey's room is tiny (the bed almost touches both sides of the room!). To help keep the room feeling light and airy I chose white walls (Resene Alabaster), a white duvet cover set and stuck with white drawers, which I teamed with natural and inky blue colours. I also chose white or light timber shelving.

  • It's all about texture, rather than prints: It's no secret that texture in your furnishings, bedding and decor has a huge impact on how inviting and cosy a room feels. And I wanted Harvey to love spending time in his room. So rather than feature printed bedding and fabrics which could easily date, I focused on texture. For example the room has a waffle duvet, lush canopy, blankets which are quilted or have stitching detail, linen and denim pillow cases and a hand dyed bean bag.   

  • Make it natural: I added touches of timber and feathers to make the look at bit earthy and organic.

  • Add childish fun with the accessories: I decided to add in the fun bits for Harvey with the accessories like toys, decals, prints and wall hangings. These brightened up the room and added personality to suit a toddler, but I know I can swap them out later as our tastes change and mature. 

  • Add a Feature Wall: I had a think about the rooms I have stumbled across on instagram and magazines etc, and what it was that made me love them...One thing in common with most was a feature wall! I think that by adding in a feature wall it seems to give the room another level of atmosphere, personality, and depth. So, I decided to add some super cute anchor decals to one wall. I did these by hand (no way was I going to measure them out!) and it didn't take that long and the effect is just what I wanted. And they'll be easy as to change out later if we wish.

I hope you love the room as much as we do! 


Here's a snapshot of where you can get your hands on some of the bits and pieces I've used in the room: