Learn How to Make these Paper Calla Lillies

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There is no doubt any mum LOVES to be given flowers, they are such a symbol of happiness and love. But how about giving her a bouquet of flowers she can keep, which have been created with love by your own hands?

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I love the look of these simple paper Calla Lillies, which I created in collaboration with Warehouse Stationery. By choosing lovely soft colours and keeping the look natural, you can create a stylish bouquet that looks so amazing!

Keep reading to learn how to make them…

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Supplies: Here’s what you will need to make these flowers:

  • sheets of card

  • a hot glue gun

  • green garden ties (for the stems)

  • chenille (for the stamen)

  • scissors and a pencil

Or you can improvise with supplies you have at home. For example, you could try skewers as the stems, or use card to make the stamen.

Step One: Draw teardrop shapes on the card and cut them out.

Step Two: Roll up the edges of each petal to form a curved shape.

Fold_leaves_Low_res_DIY_ Paper_Flowers_by_cleverpoppy.jpg

Step Three: Cut lengths of garden tie to make the stems. Then twist yellow chenille around the top to create the stamen.

Stems_low_res_DIY_ Paper_Flowers_by_cleverpoppy.jpg

Step Four: Use the hot glue gun to attach the stem to the inside of the petal.


Step Five: Bring the base of the petal up together and glue into the lily shape with the hot glue gun.


Step Six: Draw leaves on some more card and then cut them out. Give them a bit of length to allow room to wrap around the stem a bit.

cut_leaves_Low_res_DIY_ Paper_Flowers_by_cleverpoppy.jpg

Step Seven: Glue the leaves around the stem with the hot glue gun. This is probably the trickiest part of the project. Make sure you have enough petal to curl around the stem a bit, and hold on to them while the glue dries to get a good hold. You might end up with bit of glue poking out, but don’t worry it won’t be that noticeable.

Glue_leave_lsow_res_DIY_ Paper_Flowers_by_cleverpoppy.jpg

Repeat this method to make as many flowers as you’d like in your bouquet. Then gather them up, and tie with some ribbon. Or if they feel a bit fragile, you can wrap them in some paper.

Low_res_5_DIY_ Paper_Flowers_by_cleverpoppy.jpg

Another idea is to tape them to the front of a wrapped gift, so that they are nice and secure but transform your gift into something beautifully wrapped!

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I hope you love this idea as much as I do and feel inspired to give them a go! Be sure to tag or share any creations with me xx

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