How to style a small deck - two ways


Alright so I’m guessing a lot of you are like us, and live in a relatively small home. And that means if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor deck space, it’s likely to be quite small too!

We are totally in that boat, and as a result our deck has generally been an underutilised space, that we haven’t put much effort into (given it’s quite small). But I’ve always wished it was a more enjoyable and usable extension of our living area. So when Early Settler asked me to help them launch their new Outdoor Collection, instead of backing away, I actually jumped at the chance to tackle this problem area of our home!

And I tell you what, I’m so, so in love with the transformation that has taken place on our deck! We now have two areas on the go – one is a table setting where we can have al fresco meals, and the other is a lounging area where we sit and have coffees in the morning.

For this blog, I’ll show you two different ways you could set up and style a small deck. Then at the end I’ll share pics of how we managed to combine both in a perfectly usable way.

I hope you take some inspiration from my ideas, and they help anyone who is wondering how to use their space. I have adored getting to know the Early Settler outdoor range, and gosh it was hard to choose the pieces. There is so much to love! It all seems like beautiful quality too. 

First up – Lounging, Boho Style


  • I think this is a great option, especially if you can’t really fit in a table and chairs, but still want an area to hang out in.

  • This is perfect if you have young kids like ours, who spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Because it’s quite an open, relaxed setting, the kids feel right at home and can easily join in.

  • I totally fell in love with the Byron setting, and was so stoked we could fit the 2-seater either way along the deck. To create a cosy feel, I added a couple of single seaters which could either face the 2-seater or create a semi-circle.

  • A little rug helped zone off the space, which also complemented the organic boho style.  This particular rug isn’t an outdoor spec, but it’s small and easy to roll up in bad weather.

  • To add some more boho flair, I made a quick and easy DIY Tassel garland. This was so simple; I just made a bunch of tassels out of macramé rope. Then tied them onto a long piece of rope, which I attached to the deck railing. It was a great way to break up and soften that area of the deck.

  • You can change it up and move around the chair configuration to suit your needs on the day. I mixed it up a lot in this shoot, and really couldn’t decide on a layout I liked best! Which goes to show how versatile this combo is.

  • Flowers and greenery work really well with the boho style, and are a great option for hiding and softening problem areas. I went to town with artificial flowers in this shoot, and I think they’d look great combined with potted herbs and plants too.


Second –Outdoor Dining, Tropical vibe



  • I chose a table that was one of the smaller in the range. But I upsized slightly to accommodate seating 6 people. If you’re really tight for space, you can go for a smaller table that seats 4 people.

  • The chairs I chose are super comfy and stylish. I figured we could use these for lounging around too – not just as dining chairs. There are also some more streamlined chairs at Early Settler (without arms) that can stack up, which would be a great option on a small deck.

  • You can never have too many plants in a tropical setting! I really went for it, with large pottles palm style plants, and they totally transformed the space. Our deck is definitely a bit rough around the edges, so plants were a great way to soften any problem areas (like pipes coming down the weatherboards etc). The artificial plants also look great combined with my real pot plants and herbs that live on the deck.

  • A little DIY trick - I made a tropical wreath to distract from an area that needs repainting. I just made a circle out of galvanised wire, then taped a tropical vine to it with clear tape. So easy!

  • The hanging festoon lights finished off the space and gave it more of an intimate, stylish feel. I will totally put these up again when we have dinner parties on the deck.


Ok so I hope you liked the two different options as much as I do! In terms of how I’ve set up our deck for the long run, I’ve mentioned how stoked we were that we could fit not only the table and chairs down one side, but a smaller scale lounging area on the other. Best of both worlds! Here are some pics, so you can see how both options actually work really well together, if you have the space.


Please do get in touch if you have any questions, I’d love to hear about any small spaces you’re looking to style, and help with ideas for an outdoor space!

And here’s links to the key pieces of furniture we chose from Early Settler:



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