Journal Ideas

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Using a journal to keep track of life is such a great way to feel on top of things.  It’s also a wonderful way to get creative and have a visual plan in your head of things like your week’s activities or daily schedule. So if you're someone like me who likes to be organised, and also likes to see things in a visual way, then this project is for you!

Roses_Bullet_Journal_Ideas_with_Scotch_Expressions_Tapes_by_Clever_Poppy 1000x667.png

I’ll show you how to use Scotch® Expressions Glitter and Foil Tapes to make your journal entries even more gorgeous and organised. These tapes are so lovely and will really make your entries pop!

Click here to see a bit more info on the different techniques I've used in this weekly planner. Plus I've also put some more inspiration for layouts below.

If you'd like to get your hands on these tapes then check them out here (NZ) and here (Aus).

Enjoy! And be sure to share some pictures with me of what you create! 


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