DIY Painted Pebbles


I’m always stoked to find an arty activity that the kids will love, that also involves a touch of nature. And let’s be honest, any activity that will occupy their busy little hands for a while is definitely a winner in my books!

Painting Pebbles by Clever Poppy.6.jpg

I’ve been trialling a bunch of different projects using these new Pilot Pintor Pens, and the kids have been totally intrigued and interested in the idea of painting pebbles. It’s a really cute activity to get them involved in, especially if you’re like us with a big rock garden near the front door.


To start with, I did my own prototypes, painting pebbles with plain white pen in quite intricate designs. They turned out so gorgeous! It’s really easy, all I did was clean up some rocks (or you can buy new ones from hardware or landscaping stores). Then once they’d dried, I just freehand drew on designs like florals, dots, and organic shapes.

The kids were super keen to get in on the action. So on quite a few occasions recently, I’ve sent them outside to find their own rocks, and they’ve come inside to draw on their own designs. Now I just send them outside with pens and they spend half an hour or so entertained, drawing all sorts of pictures on our rocks. Our rock garden now looks very colourful and somewhat messy, but hey, if the kids are happy…I’m happy!


The kids designs definitely turned out a bit more ‘abstract’ than mine!

So there you have it - a really easy, fun and cute project to do with the kids! Or on your own, if you want to make some more stylish pieces to use as home decor ;)

Have fun, and make sure you share your creations with me!

Julie xx

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Painting Pebbles by Clever Poppy.finished.jpg
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