Make these Personalised Party Placemats - Mermaid Style!

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Hands up who loves getting creative and decorating up a storm for their kid’s birthday parties? Well I sure do! So, I’ve made this fun little DIY project for you to try – laminated party placemats full of sparkles!  


Some things I love about this project:

  • I’ve personalised each by adding in a cute mermaid with the child’s photo – kids love this kind of thing which makes them feel special!

  • The placemats can double as a party favour for each child to take home. This means they can be reused for even more fun, and less waste doubling up on party favour bits and pieces

  • Less mess on the day! The placemats are full of glitter and sequins, but it’s squeezed tidily into the laminated pouch

As you can see I’ve gone with a mermaid seaside theme for this party, which has turned out so adorable! You could adapt this to any theme you’re using, by turning the kids into little animals or giving them funny ears. Or just pop in a photo of each kid cut out, if you’re wanting to keep it simple.


Ok so let me show you how to make these.


  • Photos of each of the kids coming to the party

  • Scissors

  • Coloured paper

  • Pencil

  • Laminating pouches

  • Laminator

  • Cute paper embellishments

  • Sequins

  • Glitter

  • Alphabet stickers


This is a project I did for Warehouse Stationery here in New Zealand, so I’ve used lots of their fun supplies for the project! Click here to see their online store, where you’ll find everything you need (including the cute seaside theme pieces).

Step One 

Print some photos of the kids coming to the party. Try using ones that are reasonably upright so that it’s easy to pop the mermaid tail on. I scoured Facebook to find the ones I used, then got them printed at Warehouse Stationery. You could do a little photo shoot with the kids prior to the party if you can’t find the right photos online.


Step Two

Cut out the top half of each child. Then draw a mermaids tail on the coloured paper to fit. I looked at templates of mermaids tails online to help guide me with the shape. Cut out each of the tails and match them up to the child.

Step Three

Place a laminating pouch on top of a sturdy book or piece of card. Now open it up and pop in one of the ‘Mermaid Children’. Then decorate the pouch with other cute paper bits and pieces. Once that’s done, add sequins and glitter to make them sparkle and pop!

TIP – don’t put anything too bulky inside – keep it pretty flat. Otherwise it’s unlikely it will go through the laminator without getting all squished. 


Step Four

Pop each placemat through the laminator. Now you’ll see why I said to make each one on a sturdy platform, which makes it a lot easier to feed it through while keeping it flat (otherwise the contents will fall out, as I learnt the hard way).

Now you can add each child’s name with the Alphabet stickers. They look great and make it even more special for each kids to find their names spelled out.


All done! They can now be set on the table with your other decorations. The kids will be so excited to discover their face smiling back from the table setting!

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