Piper's Nursery Makeover with a Feature Wall


I am so excited to share Piper's new look nursery with you all! Before Piper was born I did a makeover in my home office to turn it into her nursery, with a classic light and bright scandi style. And don't get me wrong it was such a lovely room for her first year.


But lately I've come across some beautiful rooms which have a feature wall, and it has got me thinking about how a feature wall can add so much atmosphere and loveliness to a room.

It's amazing how much wow factor is added to a room by using wallpaper or a paint effect. It's like this gives the room an instant injection of feeling, depth and personality. I feel like it makes the room so inviting and turns it into a space you want to see more of.  

So when I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to add a feature wall to her room with Murals Wallpaper, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  I knew I wanted a floral wall paper, and the style I chose is called Vintage Roses and Carnations. It's a custom wall mural that is created to perfectly fit this wall of her nursery, and isn't it so pretty?! There were so many to chose from but I am loving how this one turned out.


I'm loving how the nursery now has a beautiful vintage and feminine atmosphere. It's closer to my natural style this way, and it's great how I can layer up loads of fabrics and textures to create a warm and inviting room. It also means I can easily add vintage pieces I have gathered over the years, which really suit the vibe in the room. 


It's a great example of how simply adding a feature to one wall of a room can create such a massive effect on it's overall look. I wanted to share with you some of the other rooms I absolutely love that have feature walls, which inspired me to give this bold wallpaper a go.

Firstly I just adore the bedroom of Krystal (@houseofharvee) little girl Vienna's room, with floral wallpaper. 


This room is beyond beautiful, and always stops me in my tracks when I'm scrolling through my instagram feed. I asked Krystal what she loved so much about feature walls, and she said she 'loved the way they make such an impact in a room' and 'how I can keep the rest of the room quite minimal yet with the wallpaper it still looks like I have created a work of art!' I totally agree!

Another expert at using a feature wall to take a bedroom to the next level is Tarina of @oheightohnine. Below are a couple of examples in boys rooms where she has added stunning wallpaper.

This is a Joshua's bedroom makeover, where Tarina has created the most adorable and fun space for a little guy! The feature wall here is so fun and will easily fit in with different looks as Joshua grows older and the room evolves with him. 


And this is Christian's nursery makeover with the cutest cloud wall paper. Isn't is just so dreamy? 


Feature walls definitely don't need to be just wallpaper. You can also use paint or textured effects to create wow factor in a room. 

I just love how this painted wood panelling look creates so much depth and beauty in this nursery by Becc Judd.


And finally this paint effect by the clever Catherine at Burrow and Be is just outstanding isn't it? Click here to learn how she did this all by herself, I'm dying to give it a go myself!


I hope you love the inspiration I've shared with you here today, and feel confident to give your own rooms a burst of energy with a feature wall! Trust me you won't look back.

Below is a list of the wonderful suppliers for Piper's nursery, if you wish to shop the look.


Shop the Look

Wallpaper – Vintage Roses and Carnations by Murals Wallpaper

White woven Wall Hanging - that's one I made, with my downloadable instructions here

Lace Canopy – Numero 74 from Concrete Blush

Mrs Mighetto Print – Miss Vera from Concrete Blush

Green Nofred Bunny Chair – from Concrete Blush

Velvet laysleepplay mini mattress – by Onyx and Smoke

White swan shelf, white shelf ledge and swan tray – Minimalist Collection by Décor Handled

Script Wall Name - Love From Seventeen

Vee Speers Print (girl blowing bubble) – From Immy and Indi

Bunny Print in floral skirt (Miss Rosie) – by Sailah Lane

Enchantress Print – by One Sonny Day 

Dolls Pram – From Little Whimsy

White Floor Rug – from Naco Shop

Cot sheet with woodland print - Tiny Dots

Any other items just message me to find out  - or look at my posts on instagram for the tags :)