Tips for a liveable shared kids’ room 

Harvey and Piper’s shared room is undoubtedly my favourite room in our house. I feel so happy whenever I walk in, or spend time with the kids in their little space. And when I say little, I sure mean little! Our house on the whole is your standard 3-bedroom first home kinda house, and the kids’ room is the middle-sized bedroom. So, it’s definitely on the small side.

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I spent a lot of time considering how to make the space work for two little bundles of energy. I figured I had two options for the design – on the one hand simple and minimal to make the space feel larger and uncluttered. Or on the other hand, embrace the chaos and make the room a vibrant and eclectic mix of treasures. It’s pretty obvious I chose the second! 

I always get so many positive comments about the kids’ room whenever I share about it, so I thought it was about time I did a blog on my top tips for styling a liveable shared space.

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It’s all about the storage

Our kids’ room has very little in-built storage, especially when the single wardrobe is actually full of household stuff. So, I’ve maximised as much storage as I can for the kids, on the walls and in the furniture.

The walls are a really great place to add storage, which can also double as gorgeous displays. For example, I’ve hung wall pockets for Piper’s accessories, and lots of hooks for hanging bags and necklaces etc. 

The kids book shelves are also a total feature, and I love the way they store so many books but also make it easy to find the right ones (given they’re front facing). 

Don’t underestimate putting removable command hooks around the room, where you can’t see them as you walk in. I hang the kids’ bags on the back of the door, and their bulky nappy bag hangs off the far side of Piper’s drawers, where you can hardly see it. 

The kids also each have a spare bed under their own bed, which makes it super easy when we have visitors to stay. Harvey’s is a trundler bed and Piper has a velvet covered mattress under her cot. Would you believe we often have 4 kids sleeping in their room?! They might be like little sardines but it totally works. 

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Add a feature wall

I cannot believe how much atmosphere and character the kids feature wallpaper has added to their little space. You might think the print would be too busy and overwhelming for such a small room…but interestingly it seems to do the opposite. The wallpaper gives the room depth and creates a focal point. I find this makes the rest of the clutter kind of fade away from your thoughts, as you take in the beauty of the wallpaper.

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Embrace the height

We just have a normal stud ceiling, but I still find it helps to hang things from the ceiling to draw the eye up. The canopy is a great example, which hangs ethereally over Piper’s cot. I also love how the bunting adds a point of interest up high, making the room feel a bit more spacious. And I’ve hung Piper’s tutu dresses off the top of the curtain rack, where they double as a pretty display. 

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Stick to a colour theme…mostly

To keep things looking relatively ordered, I stick to a pretty obvious colour palette – lots of dusky tones, a bit of pastel, and white thrown in where I can. These colours make up all the large pieces like walls, canopy, bedding and furniture. But I’ve definitely got more and more confident about adding in brighter colours around the place on top of this colour scheme. Especially when it’s featured in the kid’s favourite toys, I can’t justify hiding them away just to ‘fit’ my love of softer tones. But it all seems to work, and I love how happy the colours are.

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Add texture and whimsy

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, then you can add as much personality to your kids’ room as your heart desires! I have added in so many little touches to make the space feel warm and full of happiness. We have cute prints, handmade décor like wall hangings and embroidered hoops, woven baskets, and little pom poms hanging off wicker furniture. I also use their toys in a way that doubles as cute displays – it’s so sweet seeing their little faces peering out at us when we walk into the room.

I hope these tips are helpful, and you feel inspired to get hands on and style up a storm in your children’s room (shared or not).

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