Try this Simple Floral Gift Wrapping!

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DIY Floral Wrapping - perfect for Mother’s Day!

There is nothing that floats my boat more than some beautiful gift wrapping, which makes the gift look so carefully selected and full of love. Over the years I’ve done lots of tutorials on gift wrapping ideas, but I’m always on the look out for new ones!


I love the idea of turning the wrapping into a lovely floral setting in itself. So when Scotch® asked me to come up with an idea using their Gift Wrap Tape for Mother’s Day, I knew this project would be perfect!

This style of gift wrapping is a lot easier than it looks (my fav kind of DIY project!).

Wrapping DIY Floral Gift Wrapping by Clever Poppy.jpg

First of all, just wrap your gifts flawlessly with Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape. You’ll love how it disappears against the wrapping paper and gives a smooth, finished look.

TIP: you’ll need a plain paper that you can draw on, so try plain kraft paper (nothing glossy).

drawing 2 DIY Floral Gift Wrapping by Clever Poppy.jpg

Now cut some blooms to size, then tape them as if sitting in the vase with some strips of Gift Wrap Tape. I chose some lovely baby’s breath and small roses. But this would also look great with simple greenery or stems of foliage.

taping DIY Floral Gift Wrapping by Clever Poppy.jpg

Not only do these gifts look so special once they’re freshly done – they also can look great when the flowers have dried out too!

low_res_ DIY_Floral_Gift_Wrapping_by_Clever_Poppy3.jpg

I think this project is a lovely idea for wrapping your Mother’s Day pressie. And if Mum loves them as much as you do (you know she will) she can save the fronts to frame as little works of art.

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