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Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out instructions, figuring out where to buy supplies and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go...

Create a Tassel Garland, with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape!

You will need:

  • Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape - there are so many beautiful designs and colours to choose from! 
  • A ruler
  • Scotch® Scissors
  • String

Making the Tassels

Step One

Cut 10 pieces of tape, each approx 35cm long. Fold each piece of tape in half length-ways, so that the sticky sides join together.

Step Two

Lay out each piece alternately in a criss-cross pattern. Then use a small piece of string to tie the cross together in the middle (I tied it twice in a cross shape). 

Step Three

Fold the tassels down and tie a piece of washi tape around the top. Now you have a tassel ready to go! 

Make lots of tassels in your favourite colours!

Making the Garland

Step One

Cut a piece of string to the length you want. Tie each of the tassels onto the piece of string, and trim the ends off.

Step Two

Lay it out flat, and adjust the tassels so that they are evenly spaced from the middle. 

And that's it! Hang it in any room to add a touch of happiness!

Check out this video I've made, and you'll see how easy and fun this project really is:



For more inspiration on using Scotch® products, pop over to the Scotch® facebook page - so many fun ideas!





Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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