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Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out instructions, figuring out where to buy supplies and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go...

Nursery Makeover - Clever Poppy DIY Style!

When we found out (surprise!) we were having another baby, I was super excited about the opportunity to do a nursery makeover! I've learnt a lot about interior decor and styling since I began Clever Poppy about a year ago, and my tastes have evolved and changed over this time, so I was excited to put them to use in the styling of a new room.

This nursery is a little bit different to the beautiful ones I swoon over daily whilst scrolling through instagram...because it is a combination of decor I love and DIY projects. Yay! To me, this is a great way to incorporate the stunning on-trend decor you want, but also give it a bit of personal style and character with items you've made with love.

DIY Projects:

In this nursery, the following are DIY projects, which you will find as free blog posts on this website:

  • DIY Herringbone Wall Effect with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape - this project is such a fantastic way to add depth and character to the room, learn how here.
  • DIY Woven Wall Hanging - check out my downloadable pdf on how to make one here. It is so much easier than it looks and you are sure to get addicted right away! 
  • DIY Leather Projects - a fantastic way to add some luxe texture to the room:
    • DIY Leather Strap Shelves - coming soon
    • DIY Leather Hanging Planter - link to blog here
    • DIY Leather Tassels - check it out here
  • DIY Decorative Orbs, with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes - this project is a quick and effective way to add pops of beautiful colour and interest to the room, here is the blog!
  • DIY Copper and Pine Ladder - a gorgeous way to add on-trend copper and pine to the room in a functional way - coming soon

I also have incorporated decor I love in the room, which I'm so happy to share with you! Most of this is from wonderful brands I've met over instagram, and I especially love supporting handmade or small businesses from NZ and Aus. At the end of this blog are links to each of them, please do check them out - you will love their products!

Nursery Tips and Tricks

I also wanted to share some tips on making your nursery a special and unique space. I'm by no means a qualified interior stylist but I love styling and making decor, so you might find these tips and tricks helpful if you are taking on some interior decorating of your own:

  • Made with love: Incorporate some pieces that either you've made, or come from hand made or local businesses. The pieces will have character and add a special feel to the room.
  • Style from top to bottom: Look at your room and think about what you can add higher up (e.g. bunting, garlands, light fixtures, hanging planters). Then the bulk of the items will be at mid height. Lastly think about lower down (e.g. rugs, storage baskets). I also try to add in the key colours at each level so it all ties in together.
  • Texture, texture, texture: I almost think you can't go wrong with too much texture. Think wool, leather, timber, throws, rugs, fur etc. It all adds depth to the room and the snuggly elements will make you want to cuddle up.
  • Colour: I generally choose about 3 key colours, and use those consistently across the room. Then I choose another colour which is slightly off-palette to add pops of interest. For example, I have white, blush pink and grey as my base colours (these all go beautifully and are colours you'd expect in a nursery).Then I've added pops of mustard to give the room a bit of character (which is slightly unexpected).
  • Plants: I think adding a bit of life to any setting is what takes it to the next level, so that includes the nursery! Adding a hanging planter, pot plant, or stems of your favourite blooms will turn the space into one with wow factor.

Decor Directory:

I hope you've loved reading about my makeover and found some helpful tips. And watch this space as I release all of the exciting DIY projects over the next month or so!

Julie xx


Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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August 12, 2016

Such a beautiful nursery Julie and what a well written informative blog!! You are so talented – would love to have you as a guest blog post on my website if you ever have time (you must be so busy!!) lots of love from a kiwi in Aussie ;-) Immy (and Indi)


July 28, 2016

Such a beautiful room makeover! I love all of your DIY details and your comment about how incorporating handmade touches can bring love and character to a room. I’m a big fan of that washi wall! I wonder if you would mind telling me how much tape you used (or how you calculated how much to buy).

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